Founded in 2009, MiCartech means to solve the driving worries and troubles, and commits itself to the research and development as well as production of automotive supplies. MiCartech makes every effort to provide car users with safe, practical and convenient products which make the driving much more relaxed, comfortable, safe.
The business concept that MiCartech has been upheld over years is making competitive products and technological innovation. Today, the products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions, and highly praised by all consumers.
To look into future, MiCartech will stay focused on car accessory market as usual, oriented to customers' demand and proceeding from 4M management to generate overall innovation and produce more creative products and therefore improve our service. We strive to be the most professional company in this area so as to make our due contribution for a more comfortable driving and pleasant journey for our consumers.
MiCartech comes from:
“M” stands for 4M (Men, Machine, Material, Method):
Competitive product comes from the professional team!
Competitive product comes from the advanced machine!
Competitive product comes from the high quality raw materials and components!
Competitive product comes from the right and efficient method!
“I” stands for innovation:
Competitive products comes from a steady stream of innovation which is the source of the product as well as the soul of a company.
We insist mass innovation and full participation.
“Car” stands for car accessory market:
Rooted in professional car accessory industry, MiCartech focuses to provide the competitive products for worldwide car owners to enjoy their driving.
“Tech” stands for technology:
Competitive products comes from technology.
Technology is the guarantee of a comfortable driving and pleasant journey for our consumers.

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